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About Steeple Claydon

Surrounded by crop and cattle fields Steeple Claydon is a beautiful rural village in Buckinghamshire.

Over the years Steeple Claydon has changed and grown in size but the community spirit and friendly welcome has remained. The village is situated in the Aylesbury Vale Distict Council of Buckinghamshire, approximately 6 miles to the South of Buckingham. It is in easy driving distance of the county town, Aylesbury (15 miles), Milton Keynes (17 miles), Bicester (12 miles) and Oxford (22 miles). It is the largest in a group of four “Claydons” the others being Botolph Claydon, Middle Claydon and East Claydon. Also neighbouring Claydon House, more on that in the history section...

Steeple Claydon Dot Org

Operates independently of any one local body.  Funded independently. Answers independently. To promote Steeple Claydon to a global audience.

Steeple Claydon Dot Org has no association of any kind with various commercial websites pertaining to be representative of the village community or others such as the Knowhere Guide.

So who are we?

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Homer aka Ian - Bald Introvert Parish Council member

RocketMan aka Mike - History Society Firework

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